About Takeda Entertainment

Takeda Entertainment is in the business of telling stories. It’s our passion because we believe stories unite us and bring communities together. We understand that sharing stories is an essential part of our humanity, so we tell our stories to positively affect an audience. Our signature style is to tell Genuine People Stories that cut through the clutter. By engaging audiences on an intimate level, we create an emotional impact that greatly touches people. Whether working with global brands like Cadillac or a small nonprofit, Takeda Entertainment delivers powerful, honest moments that leave a lasting impression. Every story. Every time.

Scott Takeda, Founder

Scott Takeda created this entertainment company as a platform to express his deep interest in storytelling. He began as a still photojournalist, which taught him how to tell a story with just one image. Takeda continued to follow his passion and became a TV journalist, honing his storytelling skills with moving images. Later he moved to nationally syndicated programming, where he spent three seasons crafting stories for News For Kids. Later he applied his Genuine People Story philosophy to client work as an executive producer for CBS-4 Sales (Denver). Eventually, Takeda created his commercial production unit because he recognized that his method to of storytelling was unique and motivated audiences to act.

In the late 90s, Scott took his Genuine People Stories philosophy on the road and specialized in producing award-winning TV commercials, high-end corporate videos, and a special type of storytelling he calls “corporate documentaries,” using documentary film techniques to inspire motivate corporate audiences to respond and react.

Through the years, Takeda’s storytelling gift has continued to evolve both behind and in front of the camera. His award-winning directorial work and his TV/film acting career have culminated in one of the most sought after production companies. Today, Takeda’s ability to capture the human spirit and engage the viewer has led to a signature storytelling style that can be recognized through his work with many Fortune 500 companies.

Takeda is happily married and a proud dad of two Welsh Corgi puppies, and in his spare time he plays the trumpet. Scott sits on several boards and is currently writing a book titled The Search for Thor based on a spiritual sabbatical he took through Asia-Pacific. Find him on Twitter and Instagram at @ScottTakeda.

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