Additional Astellas work for TEI

Posted on December 12, 2019

Takeda Entertainment, Inc. closes out 2019 by working on creating multiple versions of a corporate film they completed for Astellas Pharmacueticals earlier this autumn. In total, TEI will deliver sixteen different versions of the film for divisions throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia.

“It’s nice to be able to revisit this film,” said producer Scott Takeda. “We shot so many beautiful shots and variations we had to make some difficult decisions in the final edit. Now some of the shots that hit the cutting room floor are finally getting some play.”

Leading the re-edits are the BI Worldwide agency team of Damon Schoening (Executive Producer) and Mike Brennan (Co-Executive Producer). On the TEI side, Takeda writes and manages the post-production, Maggie Quon edits and creates graphics, Matthew Head composes, and Jason McDaniel runs audio post production.