Takeda Entertainment Begins Film for Buick GMC

Posted on September 18, 2017

Director Scott Takeda and his post production team have started work on an opening film for Buick GMC. Our storytelling goal is to show viewers Buick GMC’s new technology. The film will open a B2B meeting coming up later in the fall.

“From a storytelling perspective, we’re only using animation for this film,” said Takeda. “In talking with the creative director, we just felt like 3-D animation and punchy graphics helped tell the story best. We’re in the story-boarding phase right now, and the images look gorgeous.”

The agency of record is BI Worldwide out of Detroit. Dawn Martin is the executive producer; Shannon Tufford is the producer; Marti Wallace is the line producer, and John Penzien is the creative director/screenwriter. Filling out the creative team are Takeda (director), Brock Sherman (art director/editor), Ryan Welborn (animator), Julie Moyer (production manager), and Zlatko Makic (post audio).

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