Takeda Entertainment Begins Production on Short Film

Posted on December 15, 2016

This month, Takeda Entertainment teams up with BS Filmworks to begin filming our latest short film – this one helmed by Scott Takeda. Cameras will begin shooting next week around the rural areas of Brighton, Colorado.

“Once again we’re taking a universal story and putting our own personal spin on it” said producer Lori Kay Allred. “Our latest film is about what it’s like to join a family and feel like an outsider. However I’m excited by the personal touches that Scott is putting into the screenplay because he’s including his own family into the film.”

“So imagine shooting a film during an actual family reunion,” laughed producer Brock Sherman. “That is essentially what we’re doing.”

Our cast includes lead actress Kate Cook, best known for playing Mrs. Hendricks on Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger” and three veteran TV actors in supporting roles: Mike Ostroski (ABC’s “How To Get Away With Murder” and “Breaking Bad”), Kristen Rakes (FX’s “American Horror Story”) and our director Scott Takeda (NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” and ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”).

Filling out the cast are Catherine McGuire (truTV’s “Those Who Can’t”) and Alan Shackelford and various members of Takeda’s family.

Our crew includes our long-time cinematographer Dave Klein, field audio mixer Slade Williamson, UPM Robert Takeda, and PA Ken Thong.

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