Takeda Entertainment Produces Series of Client Films

Posted on January 18, 2017

We kick off the new year producing a series of six B-2-B films for Country Financial – an insurance and financial services company that serves the Pacific West and Midwest. Our teams will be telling the stories of agent-reps around the country who are excelling at their jobs. These films will be shown at an upcoming meeting in February.

“These are ‘Best Practice” films, so our goal is to craft stories that full of learning moments,” said senior producer Scott Takeda.  “We’ll be using documentary film techniques to show why these agents are so successful at their jobs. Hopefully the other agents watching will be able to learn and apply these lessons to their own agencies.”

BI Worldwide is the agency-of-record for this project.  Leading the group are executive producer Dawn Martin, co-executive producer Blake Hambrick and creative director John Penzien.  The creative team from Takeda Entertainment fills out the film team including: Takeda (senior producer/writer), Lori Allred (director/writer), Jan McCoy (director/producer), Rhonda Barnheisel (producer/writer), Brock Sherman (art director), Ben McCoy and Steve Barnheisel (cinematographers), Jason Pawlak and Dennis Fry (field audio), Brandon Russell and Ryan Welborn (editors), Lisa Nuzzo and Deb Reeb (transcriptions), and Zlatko Makic (post audio).

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