Takeda Teaches Directing and Marketing at Tec de Monterrey

Posted on November 9, 2019

Director Scott Takeda with students from Tec de Monterrey’s Puebla campus.

Director Scott Takeda is in Mexico this week, teaching directing and marketing to university students at Mexico’s famed Tec de Monterrey.

Founded in 1943, Tec de Monterrey is a private, secular university that is considered one of the best universities in Latin American. Nicknamed “Mexico’s MIT,” Tec includes 36 campuses throughout Mexico including a medical school, a biotech center and a computer science campus. Takeda was invited to teach undergrads studying the motion picture industry.

“Scott was one of the first people I thought of because he works in front and behind the camera,” said Professor Molly Takeda. “He actually gave hands-on directing instruction when my students were shooting a scene. The university faculty wanted to take him out to dinner while he was in town, but he felt his time was better spent teaching my students.”

Tec de Monterrey students prep a scene in their student film.

Later in the week, Takeda taught Tec students the basics of visual storytelling by breaking down shots from a recent film he had directed. Then Takeda gave a lecture to the entire campus about marketing in the entertainment business.

Wrap photo of director Scott Takeda with Tec de Monterrey students.

“I wasn’t expecting some the questions the students asked,” laughed Takeda. “I thought I’d get detailed questions about film making and how marketing fits into the process. However most the students wanted to know were what it was like to work with Will Ferrell and other name actors.”

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