TEI Begins Winter Shoot Preparation

Posted on November 13, 2018

Director Scott Takeda gives notes to lead actor Mike Ostroski.

This month, Takeda Entertainment finishes out the year with its partnership with BS Filmworks on the autobiographical film Remembering Us.”  TEI principal Scott Takeda co-directs with his wife and long-time TEI contributor Lori Kay Allred. The film retells the story of his 2016 traumatic brain injury from the perspective of both the patient and the caregiver.

“We are doing the fifth of five shoots this month,” said director Takeda. “From a story perspective, we are showing what a year-after-injury looks like, and how there’s usually a ‘new normal’ that happens since nothing ever returns back to how it was.”

Returning for the Winter shoot are the three leads (Mike Ostroski, Dani Payne, and Nev Scharrel), along with the two infant actors who play the youngest members of the Novak Family.

Joining the film-making team is eight-time Emmy-winner Jerome Gilmer, who won an Emmy with Takeda in 2006.

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