TEI Produces Rapid Response Political Spots

Posted on October 18, 2016


With just three weeks to go in Election 2016, Takeda Entertainment is collaborating with Denver-based Philosophy Communication to produce a series of rapid response political ads for the 2016 Election. The goal is to ask voters to vote yes on the bipartisan-supported Amendment 71, which tightens requirements for future proposed amendments .

We’ll be producing three spots: two with sports legend John Elway, and one as an animated spot showing the amendment’s wide support throughout the state. We’ll be turning each spot in a day or so.

“These ‘fast and furious’ productions remind me of my time in TV news covering late-breaking news,” said director Scott Takeda. “In news, TV journalists need to set up and be on the air within minutes. For these commercials, we had only a few hours advance notice before we were doing a full-blown shoot with Elway. That’s a virtually unheard of. But the polls are shifting daily, and we need to be able to craft messages on the fly. I’m very grateful to the team we’ve assembled. They are gifted professionals who make the seemingly impossible happen.”

Philosophy leads the creative team with Randall Erkelens (executive producer) and Karin Rutstein (project manager). Rounding out the team are Scott Takeda (producer/director), Lori Kay Allred (director), Dave Klein (cinematographer), Slade Williamson (gaffer/grip), Brock Sherman (art director), Ryan Welborn (Editor/Animator), Zlatko Makic (post audio).

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