TEI Produces Six Films for CHRISTUS Health

Posted on June 7, 2019

Our team of creatives start production on a series of six films for CHRISTUS Health, and international Catholic-based health system that includes hospitals and clinics throughout the southern United States, Mexico and South America.

“I’m so excited to be partnering up with CHRISTUS Health again,” said producer Scott Takeda. “In previous years, we’ve traveled with them to France and around the country to produce documentaries and inspirational films. Their mission is all about doing good, and they really live by it.”

We’re still putting together the creative team for this project, however it’s led by BI Worldwide and their agency team of executive producer Pat Skelly, line producer Beth Evans, video producer Mallory Walker, and creative director Dain Dunston. So far on the TEI side, Takeda produces, Lori Kay Allred directs and writes, Guy Hernandez shoots, Glen Acker does sound, and Ryan Moore edits.